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Powder Coating is the absolute best for coating a cage. It is easy to clean as well as 100% free from toxic chemicals.
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We have a current 2 week lead time for every order. Every product is had-crafted and made to order.
Yes, we do! Please email your request to cages@qualitycage.com
We are currently shipping orders via FedEx. If the package is small enough, it's possible that it could ship via USPS.


We gaurantee that the Chin Spin is quieter than any other exercise wheel on the market! Although you can hear your chinchilla running, the wheel makes virtually no noise at all.
Please send us an email if there's ever a product that you need for your chinchilla but are having trouble finding. We'd love to help you create something if we have the capabilities!


We have a current 2 week lead time for every order. Your tracking information will be sent to your email address when your order ships.
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