Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Treat Organic Dehydrated Goji Berries
$ 2.99

Organic dehydrated goji berries

These berries are a Little Q favorite!

In general, fruits are not good for chinchillas and should be avoided but goji berries are full of vitamins and low in sugar which makes them a great chinchilla treats. 

We recommend 1-2 goji berries per week. Offer them with chinchilla food or hide them in cholla wood for a chin-challenge! A single berry cut up into little pieces can be used for training.

You will receive a 1 oz bag of organic goji berries.

All treats should be introduced slowly to your chinchilla and never to chinchillas younger than 6 months. Young chinchillas can have apple wood sticks


All treats should be fed in moderation to assure a long and healthy chinchilla life!