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    Greetings Hooman! We’re the Quality Cage Chinchillas, Tesla and Eva, and we want to welcome you to your one-stop shop for everything chinchilla related! If you are looking for cages, Chin Chillers, dust baths, food bowls, or anything else related to your pet, we have them all right here. Let’s give you a tour of some of our favorite products! Our Quality Cage promise guarantees that every product is handmade by passionate hoomans in the USA!

    First, we need to start out with our home! The Chinchilla Mansion gives us plenty of space to run around and play all day (and night!). It features an excellent design, one of the most important features being that it is completely plastic-free, so you won't have to worry about us chewing it!

    Here’s a review we love from hooman Leslie: “Worth the money because it's better than anything you'd find at a big box store. The chins love all the extra space! It's apparent that the crafters put a lot of thought into every detail.”

    For cage accessories - we love the Chinchilla Nest Box! Our cage is incomplete without this box, as it is the perfect place to cool off in the summer and burrow ourselves in the winter. As with all of the items on this highlight reel, it also comes in multiple colors!

    Here’s a review we love from hooman Zoe E.B.: “Our chinchillas love their next box! We have two- one for each chinchilla, but they prefer to share one instead. It works like a cooling stone when it's hot, and the chinchillas have endless joy chewing on the wood. We've had it for 4 years and with weekly cleaning it's lasted in great condition!”

    One of our favorites is the Chin Spin Chinchilla Exercise Wheel - made out of all metal and wood construction and a completely open-wheel design with no holes, this is a place where we can run that has the benefit of being both safe and chew-proof for us to play on!

    Here’s a review we love from hooman Tracy W.: “My chinchilla loves this wheel. It's just the right size for her, spins smoothly and provides the exercise she needs. This is my 2nd Chin Spin wheel, the other is still going strong over 8 years later. I was very excited to see that they now come in lots of fun colors!”
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