Quality Cage Crafters Trays Replacement tray for Chinchilla Cage
Quality Cage Crafters Trays Replacement tray for Chinchilla Cage Quality Cage Crafters Trays Replacement tray for Chinchilla Cage

Made To Order - Ships within 10-20 Days

Approximately 30"w x 24"d x 1½"h (2¼"h in front) Tray for CNS-48, CNS-36, and CNS-24 Cages

Powder coated silver vein.

Customer Reviews

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Bobbi McClellan
15+ years of quality!

Been buying from them since they were in Portland, Oregon and have followed them to their new digs because of their quality, which may seem expensive, but my chins are worth it and over time, the high cost vs. their enjoyment is worth it all!

Frances Reed
Tray replacement for cage....

I was amazed at how fast this item came. Thank you. My cage is around 20 yrs old and except for the old tray. still looks new. Your cages are the best and will keep my little guy safe for several more years!

W Chu
Replacement tray for chinchilla cage

The reason for three stars are 1. it takes nearly 6 weeks for the tray to arrive and 2. the tray was slightly dented. The customer service team sent emails updating the order status every once a while , so at least I was aware of the delay.


We needed a new pan for the bottom of our chinchilla's cage. She came with it when we got her... 12? years ago. After many cleanings and Lizzie chilla using it, we needed a replacement. We figured out that it had been made by Quality Cage, and tracked them down. We ordered the cage liner, and some apple chew sticks, which were back ordered. 'Tis Covid-19 time and lives are Not Normal, the chew sticks arrived in short order. The liner took a couple of months--much longer than we'd expected. We understood belatedly that the company was backed up and getting products made under covid-19 conditions was difficult. The pan is perfect, exactly what we needed. It fits perfectly and looks great. We just would have appreciated a bit more communication, though realize they were using their time to fabricate rather than communicate.

Oleg Mayba

great product, thanks!

Glad you love it, Oleg!

Miranda D.
New replacement tray for chin mansion

I've been a customer since 2006. Each and every one of my orders have been top notch! These cages last forever, definitely worth the price!

Greg K.
Best Chinchilla Cages!!!

These are by far the best Chinchilla cages out there! Safe, spacious and easy to care for. Our furry buddies love it!

Lisa C.
Great product!

Quick shipping and superior product.

Brian O.
Prompt excellent service

No complaints. I called, they told me what I needed and I got it. Would definitely order again