Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall

Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall Cages Quality Cage Crafters Galvanized
Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall Cages Quality Cage Crafters Quality Blue
Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall Cages Quality Cage Crafters Black
Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall Cages Quality Cage Crafters Stardust
Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall Cages Quality Cage Crafters Purple
Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall Cages Quality Cage Crafters Teal
Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall Cages Quality Cage Crafters Pink
Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall Cages Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall Cages Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall Cages Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall Cages Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall Cages Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall Cages Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall Cages Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall Cages Quality Cage Crafters Silver Vein
Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall Cages Quality Cage Crafters
Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall

Chinchilla Mansion - 48" Tall

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Not your ordinary chinchilla cage. Our Chinchilla Mansion is made with a chinchillas needs in mind. Wooden shelves, no plastic, and 100% safe for your animal.

Our mansion is 30"w x 24"d x 48"h, and made of sturdy 1" x 1" wire.

The Chinchilla Mansion includes four replaceable, movable solid pine shelves (two 24" and two 30"). 

Stand and Chin Spin are sold separately.

It offers a full opening top with a 12" x 14" door on the upper part of the cage, and a large 12" x 18" door below. Both doors are secured with safety trimmed metal door guards.

The bottom of the cage is equipped with a 1-1/2" tall powder-coated slide-out tray. The floor panel below the tray is made of 1/2" x 1/2" wire. When the tray is removed for cleaning our sheet metal flap keeps your chinchilla from escaping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews

My chinchillas and I are very pleased :D. My boys have more space than ever and the cages are very high quality and much easier to assemble in comparison to others I have bought throughout the years.

steve kulis
Amazing cage!

My chinchilla loves her new cage. The team at Quality cage did a fantastic job with keeping me up to date with me order. Due to covid I did have to wait two and half months the but you can't beet the craftsmanship of the cafe and how easy it was to put together. I will be buying the wheel next. Thank you! ❤️

Great cage but can't use it yet

This is a great cage and appears very high quality. It's very roomy and was easy to assemble. I'm really excited for my chinchillas to move in. However, I have not been able to use the cage since I received it (a month ago) because I never received the rest of my order (cage stand, poop guards, ramps, additional shelving) so now the cage is just sitting in the middle of my house taking up space until I get the rest of these accessories) I received the cage approx 2.5 months after I ordered it which is about what I was expecting due to Covid and considering how long it took me to receive my wheels when I ordered last year (the wheels are great btw, definitely recommend) . When I emailed them asking about the rest of my order I was told that it would be shipping out that day (this was about 3.5 weeks ago now, so 3.5 months since I placed the order). However, according to the tracking the items haven't even been shipped yet. I've sent three emails asking about this over the past couple weeks and haven't received a response. I'm fine waiting a little longer, as long as I know that my items will eventually come and that I haven't been forgotten, because the items are high quality and worth waiting for. But I at least need some sort of communication and I would appreciate not being given false information about when the items are being shipped. I also find it frustrating that I'm receiving emails asking me to review items that I never received. I don't want to give up hope that my other items are still coming but if I don't get some sort of response from the seller soon I may just have to assume they aren't coming?

susan clough
Chinchilla Mansion

Love this cage for my Senegal parrot. She has a ton of room to swing and hang out. Well put together it will last for so long. Thank you!

Jenna Gripp

This is much bigger than I anticipated but in a good way. My girls used to be cramped and now they will love it. It doesn’t come with instructions but it just folds out easily. Took forever to get here but worth it.

Kendall Means
Great Home

It’s a great size and not having fixed levels makes it easily customizable. The wire and wood is of great quality and I have no doubt this will last forever and if parts break off, it seems a lot easier to fix than the other cages I’ve bought. I thought the zip ties would be an issue but my chin has not been able to chew them, and normally he chews anything plastic or paper if he can reach it but so far he hasn’t with the zip ties because of where they are placed. Be warned that the pandemic has made production slow way down so you’ll be waiting several months, but it is worth it and these guys are trustworthy and will be honest and up front on all the reasons for the delays.

Great cage, but be prepared to wait 5 months for it.

The cafe itself is easily 5 stars but I have to factor in the time it took to get the cage. The cage finally arrived a little over 5 months after we placed the order. We had some problems with the sliding tray as I think it was warped after shipping but we just bent it a little and now it slides enough to get it in and out of the cage. I would give this cage 5 stars in a heart beat as it’s easy to clean, you can pop the top and both doors to clean and get the chins out but they really need more help fulfilling orders as 5 months is crazy.

Chins in the lap of luxury!

The Chinchilla mansion in blue is perfect! The pandemic slowed down my order, but it was worth the wait. My boys love it. It's so big, I'm still ordering more "furniture" for it. I had a Townhouse for about 15 years, so I know it is "quality".

Zoe Ellen Burchard
Chins living better than us

For a long time we always joked that proportionally our chinchilla lived in a bigger house than us. Now we have two boys and we want two mansions that we jerry rig together. We love this cage! It's solid, lots of room for the boys to jump around and easy to clean.

Kris P
Great cage


The good: The cage is great and well worth the money for anybody interested. Try it out -- you'll love it! It's solid and roomy. We have no regrets. (Plus, our chins seem to love being able to climb the walls!)

The less-than-awesome:

* The cage took nearly 3 months to fulfill
* Communication was sparse during these 3 months (and was largely driven by me reaching out)
* Some of the metal parts and the metal sheets were banged up and bent out of shape (though overall usability of the cage appers to be ok)
* Part of our order (accessories, shelves, treats) still has yet to arrive


The longer version:

I'll preface this by saying that I truly hope these less-awesome parts of this experience are due COVID-19-related stresses.

We happened to order our cage right before the whole COVID-19 lockdowns started to swing into full gear, so I understand that many things got hit hard with delays. With that being said, however, we had some less-than-stellar communication about the whole situation. I found myself having to reach out in order to get any status update for my order.

When our order finally arrived over 2 1/2 months after ordering it, parts of the cage and part of the sheet metal drawer were bent out of shape. It was fairly straightforward to bend the cage portion into a usable shape, but I have been unable to fix the sheet metal portion of the drawer -- it's too warped. It appears to be related to shipping as the box arrived in pretty bad condition with many tears and holes.

We also have yet to receive the remaining portion of this order and it'll hit the 3-month mark this week. (I'm crossing my fingers that it will ship soon, though!)

Despite the long delay, the cage is fabulous. I knew it was a large cage based off of the specifications, but I wasn't prepared for how enormous it was once we got it set up in person.

There is so much room for our chinchillas to hop around and have fun. We would definitely recommend this cage, though hopefully you'll be able to enjoy it sooner than we were able. :)

We'd definitely recommend this cage to anybody looking for a good home for their chinchilla buddies.