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How to get a chinchilla to use an exercise wheel!

How to get your chinchilla to use an exercise wheel!

Is your chinchilla having trouble with their exercise wheel? We’re here to help! Although most chinchillas pick up on it right away, many have trouble figuring out what it does. An exercise wheel can be great, but when your chinchilla uses it for a litter box or a sleeping place it can certainly be frustrating.



Here’s a couple quick tips:

  1. Put a small scoop of dust on the wheel. This will likely get your chinchilla to get on the wheel and discover that it moves!
  2. Hold a treat on the wheel and start turning it slowly. Your chinchilla will start hopping towards the treat. Soon enough he’ll discover that he can run on the wheel. For a list of safe treats, please view our blog titled “A Chinchilla’s Diet”.

Just remember - it could take a while for your chinchilla to use it. Be patient! They’ll likely figure it out soon.

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