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Are Chinchillas Good Gifts?

Tis the Season...

With the holidays upon us, some people will rejoice when they discover they a have received a new pet! Others might be daunted by the prospect of caring for something for the next 20 years. It is important to consider many things before giving a living animal as a gift to anyone. Chinchillas are not the perfect pet for every person and it won't be a good experience for either one if the new owner is unprepared.


Most of us probably know that a lot of rabbits purchased around Easter end up being rehomed. You see many campaigns against purchasing a rabbit in spring because of frequent Easter bunny abandonments. I was 8 when my parents took me to the pet store to buy a rabbit for Easter. I chose a REW holland lop buck. I had rabbits before and though I may not have been resposible enough at the time, my mom would step in if I failed in his care. Mr. Bunnyhops was my companion for 9 years. That was mine and my family's expectation before buying him. He wasn't an impulse decision. We were prepared, my parents knew I wanted him, and they were able to support him if I lost interest. Not every pet gifting situation is going to turn out bad.  

A chinchilla can make a wonderful gift for someone that knows what they're like and is prepared for one.

Chinchillas live for a long time and are not as confident or cuddly as many people expect.

Ask yourself these questions before purchasing a pet for someone else:

  • Will they appreciate the pet just for what it is- not for what they expect it to be?
  • Are they financially prepared for and knowledgeable about chinchillas?
  • Are the people they live with prepared for a chinchilla?

Alternative Gifts

Besides a recipient being prepared in all aspects for a live chinchilla, how will you know you picked the right one for them? To completely avoid a possible poor match, You could get your close friend or family member chinchilla supplies, or a pet supply store gift card. This helps alleviate the intial costs of a chinchilla and still leaves them to pick out their own chinchilla.

I feel it's safe to say we all want what is best for the animals. Impulse is rarely a good thing when it comes to pet ownership. We want chinchillas to have a good, permanent home and we want a good experience for the owner. Gifting a pet should be done with careful considerations and never spontaneously.  

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