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Featured Pets

We have just gotten the chinchilla mansion for our two chinchillas Bert and Ernie. They live in it together and are very happy with their new home. So far Bert is the only one to have used the wheel but they both have enjoyed the different levels, toys, and the nesting box. We are first time chinchilla owners and got B&E when they were 4mo old and they are now 7mo. Their cage is in my son's room and they run free while he does his homework each day which works pretty well except when they want extra attention and chew any and everything they can get their teeth on. We have learned a lot about them and have been having fun getting creative making the room chinchilla proof and fun for them. Here they are having their plain shreaded wheat treat before they get back in their cage.(P.S. the cage guards and shelf guards have made keeping the floor around the cage clean so much eaiser...and since my son is 12 that is huge!!!)

Very happy we found your company, Shannon, Jonathan, B&E

My name is Michelle Proffitt, I live in Chesaepeake, VA. And this is my chins story.
These are my two little pride and joys, I got them when they were both about 4 monthes old, they are now 6 monthes and are a handful. When I first got them, all I had was a store bought chinchilla cage, with plastic shelves that was very small for 2 chins. When I found this website, I knew this would be the perfect cage for them, and now that I have it, they are so much more active and playful, so I know they are happy with it. Silver is very affectionate and social, although on the other hand Rocky likes to keep to himself, but he's warming up to me slowly. Their most favorite thing to do is to pick up one of the chew blocks I leave in their cage and play catch the block. Usually Rocky will pick one up and run around with it, while Silver chases him, it's funny to watch.
Rocky and Silver


My Chinchilla, Puff is a violet white chinchilla that I got from a breeder when he was only a tiny little baby. He could fit in the palm of my hand. One year later he is still as cute as could be. He loves his cage and all his accessories from Quality Cage Co. His favorite thing to do is to stick his nose out of the side of his cage and chew whatever he can get a hold of. He once chewed the entire chair rail behind his cage. He is a chewaholic. I don't think there is another chinchilla out there like him.




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