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Quality Cage Company Testimonials

Drop us a note to let us know how you feel about Quality Cage, Inc.

    My name is Michelle Proffitt, I live in Chesaepeake, VA. And this is my chins story.
These are my two little pride and joys, I got them when they were both about 4 monthes old, they are now 6 monthes and are a handful. When I first got them, all I had was a store bought chinchilla cage, with plastic shelves that was very small for 2 chins. When I found this website, I knew this would be the perfect cage for them, and now that I have it, they are so much more active and playful, so I know they are happy with it. Silver is very affectionate and social, although on the other hand Rocky likes to keep to himself, but he's warming up to me slowly. Their most favorite thing to do is to pick up one of the chew blocks I leave in their cage and play catch the block. Usually Rocky will pick one up and run around with it, while Silver chases him, it's funny to watch.
Rocky and Silver

Hi Linda!
    Just wanted to let you know that the cups arrived and W O W! No more messes! Within 3 minutes of placing the full cups in the two cages, both birds decided that they were not happy with dinner and tried with all of their might to pick up the cups and dump them! LOL! I just stood there and watched not saying one word. Well both birds were disappointed and gave up. Those cups fit the holders perfectly and the games are over finally! I was so tired of the mess and tired of Rafiki asking me: "Do you need some help with that? Can I help you?" he would say this to me every time he would dump his cups and then laugh in my voice! Especially when I would run the vaccuum cleaner after sweeping. That stinker!

Oh yes! I had the last laugh. I laughed at him and Herman for trying as hard as they did and failed! LOL! No body said one word. Birds, you gotta love 'em.

Thank you! The colours are great too!

Lost in Firebaugh, CA
with Herman and Rafiki

    I just want to say that I received my cages yesterday and put them together today. They are fantastic!!
I should have gotton them a long time ago. My friend ordered 12 from you guys recently and she had told me about your cages. they are top quality.
I will be order some more soon!
>thank you!
Veronica O'Keefe

Dear folks at Quality Cage~
    I am writing this as a testimonial to the fine cages you make. I have 6 medium-small parrots and had very good California Cages ( previously one of the "gold standards" in parrot cages on the west coast and beyond) for all of these birds but I abandoned and sold those cages to replace them with beautiful white powder-coated Quality Cages (BC-30 Dome-top, House) for several happy reasons, and have never looked back. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner! Why?

Here is my list:
The powder-coat just holds up like new for years -- stays shiny like new with no rusting!

The cages are SO EASY to clean and maintain; light and sturdy with great tray/grate/cups designs. No heavy clunky steel trays and rusting parts! The tray-with-flap design is ingenious and makes cage cleaning painless.This is especially of use for having bird cages on upper stories of dwellings or upstairs apartment units. These cages can even be cleaned in a bathtub or shower because they are so easy to move or lift, especially with the handles!

    The cages are elegant and intelligent in design and get many compliments from visitors. They look great in any room!
    The cages are healthier for the birds with many more horizontal and vertical bars for climbing ease. This is HUGELY important. My birds are so much happier and healthier now in these cages.
    I also had a stacking set of Quality breeder cages when I inherited a flock of canaries on eggs and found these cages easy and really, the ONLY cages worth using for this purpose as well. I recommended these cages to all adopters of my canary chicks to avoid the frustration of difficult cage-maintenance with new bird ownership.
    Incidentally, anytime someone decides to sell one of their own Quality Cages for life-change reasons of not keeping birds any more (the only reason usually), the Quality Cages always keep a remarkably good return value at time of re-sale and are snapped right up, since people know these are quite simply one of the best cages you can buy for small to mid-sized parrots...and the ONLY cages to buy if you have small birds like finches or canaries! Product innovation and expanded product line keeps me coming back...and the easy to change parts like nest-box doors, interchangeable feeder cups, swings etc.. that continue in consistancy, and the reliable availability of parts (!!) make this an added value for the investment.
Last but not least...the customer service is AWESOME, Linda, Linda B., Sean, Tin, Guy, etc. You guys rock!!

A true fan~

Molly H

    I just wanted to say "Thank you"! We just received our Travel Home for our newest chinchilla. The quality is just as high as our Chinchilla Mansion. I have to tell you that even after our Chinchilla Mansion was moved twice across country, it was still just as sturdy and the fit was still perfect. I will never purchase cages from anywhere else, regardless of what we have to pay to have them shipped. Along with your great cages, your customer service is fatastic and your shipping costs are VERY reasonable! Linda always quickly responds to any questions and gets orders processed and shipping quotes back almost immediately. Thank you for such a great experience (it's very rare these days!)it is very appreciated.

    I got my 15

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