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Can you make me a _______ (pan/tray, wooden shelf, urine guard, drop in grid, etc.) to fit my cage?
If it is a cage that we manufacture – yes.
Every cage is different. They come in different sizes, have different shapes, use different gauges of wire, and have different wire sizes (dimensions of the wire openings). It is impossible to know the correct sizes of trays, placement of bolts for wooden shelves, etc. for cages that are made by other companies. Because of this, replacement pans/trays, drop in grids, urine guards, and wooden shelves, are only available for cages that we manufacture.

What is your Return Policy?
Our Return & Exchange Policy is listed in the Shipping & Returns section. Our Policy is that no item can be returned if it has been exposed to, or come in contact with, an animal or a bird. The item(s) must be returned undamaged, in the original packaging, within 30 days of purchase. You must call us for a R.A.N. (Return Authorization Number). There is a 15% restock fee for merchandise returned – that has not been used by a pet – and is in the undamaged, original condition. Customers are responsible for all shipping charges. We do not accept C.O.D.’s.

Do you have Free Shipping?
When a company offers free shipping, you need to look at the total price of the product – the shipping cost is usually built into that price. With Quality Cage Company, shipping is not a “profit center”. We keep our product prices low, and you are charged only for the actual cost of shipping those products to you.

Why does it cost the same to ship a 51 lb. product, as it does to ship a 15 lb. product?
In February of 2007, all carriers (including the U.S. Postal Service), introduced new shipping regulations that involved using a package’s dimensional weight. The dimensional weight of the package takes into account the dimensions of the package, and calculates a ‘weight’ based on those figures. If the dimensional weight is larger than the actual weight of the package, the dimensional weight is what the shipping charges will be based on.
For example, a CNS-48 (Chinchilla Mansion™) weighs 51 lb., but its dimensional weight is less than that – you would be charged for the 51 lb. The 3024ST-10 (the stand for the Chinchilla cages) weighs only 15 lb., but its dimensional weight is 51 lb. (it is assembled) – you would be charged for the 51 lb.
*Note: When ordering a stand, it is a great opportunity to order other items to package with it, and you would only pay for the shipping of the stand itself!

If I am near Portland, Oregon, can I pickup my cage at your facility?
Yes, you can. We do have a showroom located at 5942 SE 111th Avenue, Portland, Oregon. We are open 8AM – 5PM (Pacific Time) Monday – Thursday, 8AM - 4PM Friday, Closed Saturday, Sunday and Major Holidays.
If you wish to pick up a specific item, or items at our Showroom, please call several days in advance. That way we can determine the availability of the item(s) you would like, and have your order ready for you.

What size of cage wire (dimensions of the openings) is best for my bird or animal?
Openings that are ½” x 1” are appropriate for small Birds (Budgie, Canary, Finch, Lovebird, Parakeet, Parrotlet), most medium sized Birds (Caiques, Cockatiel, Conure, Indian Ringneck Parakeeets, Lory, Quaker Parrots, Senegal Parrots), Baby Chinchillas (under about 6 weeks old), Gerbils, Hamsters (Golden or larger), Hedgehogs, Prairie Dogs, Rats, and Sugar Gliders. The 1” x 1” openings are for larger birds* (African Grey, Amazon, Cockatoo, Eclectus, Macaw), Cavy/Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Degus, and Ferrets. The 1” x 2” is appropriate for Rabbits.
* If a large bird has a very strong beak, and is known to ‘cut’ through wire, a Wrought Iron cage may be advisable.

How do I take care of my cage?
All cages should be cleaned on a regular basis.
Galvanized cages can be cleaned with a diluted bleach solution, followed by a vinegar rinse. Brushes (on occasion these can be wire brushes) help in cleaning the floor wire, especially of rabbit cages.
Powder Coated cages clean easily with soap, water, and a soft bristle brush.
Wooden shelves can be washed with a bleach solution, rinsed, and set out to dry.

What does Knocked-Down (KD) mean?
Many of our cages, due to their size, are only shippable KD. Otherwise they would need to be Truck Freighted. Knocked-down (KD) is a partially assembled cage that is shippable via our regular carrier.
For example, KD Rabbit Cages (RH-1824KD, RH-2424KD, RH-3024KD, RH-3030KD) come with the area from the floor wire and below (where that slide out tray is located), already pre-assembled. The sides of the cage unfold, the corners then are attached with the provided J-Clips (J-Clip Pliers are needed for assembly), the top is then J-Clipped into place, the urine guards are put in, and it is ready for use. Complete instructions are provided.

What is Powder Coating (PC)?
Powder Coating is a strong, baked on, non-toxic finish. It is easier to clean, and pleasing to the eye.

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